I, Cris Hammond, having been of sound mind and body at the time, graduated from California State University, San Jose, in 1971 with a degree in fine art. It was a fine year indeed.After a brief but arduous career as a truck loader and unloader, I decided to put my college education to better use and launched my career as a cartoonist. My parents were proud.

I started with freelance work in publishing and moved quickly into the advertising arena, gaining agents in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. National syndication followed when my comic strip, “Speed Walker/Private Eye”, was picked up by United Feature Syndicate of New York.

I’ve been a freelancer, an art director, book designer, syndicated cartoonist and special effects designer for Lucas Film’s Industrial Light and Magic. In 1994, I took a short hiatus from my art career to found, build and manage a “white collar” company that achieved revenues of $100 million a year by 2001. That seemed like a good time to lose the “white collar” and get back into the cartoonist “no-collar” world that I love.

So, as that great philosopher once said; “Do cartoons. Change the world.” Darn right!